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Specialized Imago Couples Therapy with Reg. Psychologist Anaka Foster, MA.

Bedroom Basics: Part 1 - Consent

Meet Anaka and learn what every couple needs to know about consent in regards to your intimate relationship.

Bedroom Basics: Part 2 - High vs. Low drive

Have you ever noticed that there's always one partner who seems to want or need sex more than the other? Watch this video about drive differences and how to manage them in your committed relationship.

Bedroom Basics:Part 3 - Initiating & Communicating about Sex

If you have ever wondered how to begin a discussion about Sex with your partner, or if you are confused about when they may have tried to initiate sex, watch this video!

Bedroom Basics: Part 4 - Keeping it Fresh in the Bedroom

If you are in a committed relationship and wanted some ideas for keeping it fun and fresh in the bedroom, watch this!