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Specialized Imago Couples Therapy with Reg. Psychologist Anaka Foster, MA.


Transforming Your Relationship from Imperfect to Ideal

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What Makes Imago Couples Therapy Different from Regular Marriage Counseling?


Our focus is more about Repairing Ruptures in Connection than Solving Problems

Both partners' points of view are equally valid, important and respected

Imago Relationship Therapists don't take sides; we are on the side of a healthy relationship

There's no good guys or bad guys: Both partners contribute to the current condition of the Relationship

Conflict is seen as Growth trying to Happen

Working through our unmet childhood needs with our Imago partner is needed to achieve maximum personal, relational & spiritual growth

The purpose of Imago Couples Therapy is to teach couples to how to transform their current imperfect or unsatisfactory relationship into an ideal one that promotes mutual growth and healing by cultivating true mature love!


Common Outcomes

Most couples report reduced fighting after the first session 

Hot topics that used to be avoided become manageable


Conflicts are transformed into opportunities for learning, healing and growth

Mutually acceptable resolutions to concerns are found

Negative cycles of communication are reversed

Efforts to show love are maximized, and become noticed and appreciated

Deep ruptures in connection such as infidelity are healed  

Emotional connection is restored and deepened


Education & Qualifications

Anaka received her Master of Arts Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Arizona

She is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta

She is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

She received her Basic Training in EMDR

She is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor    

She is passionate about promoting reconnection, growth, and healing for all couples


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