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Specialized Imago Couples Therapy with Reg. Psychologist Anaka Foster, MA.

Rekindle the Flame: Couples Retreat/Workshop for Relationship Enhancement

Rekindle the Flame 2 day Couples Workshop

Ready to take your relationship to the next level?  No matter where you are on the scale of 0-10 of relationship satisfaction and connection, this intense 2 day Couples Retreat/Workshop offers tools for relationship enhancement and help for reviving struggling relationships. 

Based on Concepts by Dr. Harville Hendrix Ph.D, Oprah's Favorite Relationship Therapist and Author of Best-selling book "Getting the Love You Want", attending Rekindle the Flame will help you reap the benefits of 3 months of marriage counseling in just one weekend! 

Cost of Couples Retreat/Workshop

Workshop only: $600 per couple;  not including room and meals. Water, juice and light snacks are provided for all workshop participants.

Workshop & Room: $725 per couple; includes private room Friday night. *Breakfast may be included at select locations depending on availability.

Full Weekend Package: $800 per couple; includes Workshop, private room Friday night, and meals (Supper on Friday, Lunch on Saturday, and Breakfast with room where available).

 *Note that Registration and deposit must be received no later than 21 days prior to desired Workshop date to secure options with room.

Seminar Introducing Couples to Imago Therapy


If you are curious about how Imago Therapy can help improve your relationships and can spare a 3 hr evening, this option is for you.


Learn about defensive adaptations, how they are triggered, how to prevent triggering them, and how to calm them when you have already missed the window. 


Learn about and practice using dialogue skills and mirroring in every day situations as well for conflict resolution.


Cost is $60 per couple.

Seminar for Singles Seeking Healthy Relationships

An evening tailored to those who are not currently in a relationship and may have experienced unhealthy relationships in the past and would like to learn how to choose better partners in the future.

Participants will learn about their own personal Imago and how it is unconsciously guiding their choice in love partners. They will also learn how their own 'Lost Self" traits impact their relationship choices, and put it all together to learn how to make healthier and more conscious relationship decisions.

Cost is $30 per person.

Feedback from Past Workshop Attendees

 "I feel so much more connected with my spouse and my inner self"

"I feel you are a very safe, caring person, and feel comfortable opening up to you. You are a fantastic counselor and listener!"

“Awesome experience for anyone that is either struggling in a committed relationship or for others who want to improve their relationship”

“This would benefit couples who have difficulty talking to one another. Great opportunity to open up and be heard in a safe place”

“I felt uplifted, closer and more connected with my spouse. I felt heard, appreciated, and hopeful that my issues can be worked through and healed”

“Definitely recommend to people needing marriage enhancement”

“Anaka knows her stuff, and presents it well. She genuinely wants to help couples grow”

“Anaka is truly amazing and explains the relevance of things very well and offers real solutions that can make any relationship even better. The quality food and beautiful resort setting made the whole experience like a therapeutic second honeymoon. I fell in love with my wife all over again”

“It was a great retreat and I appreciate that Anaka was not attached to outcome and allowed the retreat to flow”

“Everyone needs to understand why!!”

“Anaka was very approachable and knowledgeable”

“I may be unique but my situation is not. Someone else understands the pain and how disconnection can occur. But there is a way through the problems – challenge is an opportunity for growth”

"Do what you're doing, it's awesome"

“Thank you so much! We’ll try to get you in our town”

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