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Specialized Imago Couples Therapy with Reg. Psychologist Anaka Foster, MA.

Counseling Services for Creating Healthy Relationships

Imago Couples Therapy



Unlike most models of marriage counseling, Imago Couples Therapy does not focus on solving the presenting problems; it is about Restoring Connection! We believe that conflict is a sign that growth is trying to happen, and that frustrations are the words we use to express our deepest unmet needs from childhood. By uncovering and sharing our unmet needs, we are able to re-frame our frustrations into requests that our partner can hear and act upon, thereby creating mutually satisfying and healthy relationships!

Marathon Sessions



For couples seeking intensive private therapy in a short time, marathon sessions can provide up to 16 hrs of individualized therapy in 4 hr blocks of time over 3-4 days. Each 4 hr block of time is equivalent to 1 month of therapy, giving you the benefit of months of learning, growth and healing in a matter of days and for a reduced hourly rate to make it more affordable.

Great for couples with a rotating work schedules or those who don't have time for regular visits but who want to see a big change in a short time and are not comfortable in groups. 

Individual Counseling



Whether or not you are currently in a committed relationship, Imago Therapy can help. We believe that when relationship patterns are not functional, it can manifest as depression, anxiety, work-related stress, and symptoms of physical illness that may not be recognized by doctors. Imago Therapy can help individuals discover and re-frame dysfunctional patterns from the past that are sabotaging their current relationships, and begin a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Upcoming Workshops for Couples


Get the equivalent of 3-6 months of private professional therapy in just 2 days for less than half of the cost, all while enjoying the beautiful views and nature of the Natural Park-like setting.

Fall 2018 Dates:

September 21 & 22

October 26 & 27

November 23 & 24

Dates for 2019


Private groups of at least 5 couples may request a separate weekend that works for them.

Releasing Trapped Emotions with Essential Oils


Everything has a frequency or vibrational energy, including our thoughts, feelings, words, and body organs.  Repeated exposure to negativity can lead to trapped emotions, a low frequency, and subsequent physical and emotional dis-ease. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have High Frequencies and therefore have the ability to release trapped emotions that are lodged in the corresponding organs.  

EMDR for Trauma & Anxiety



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an evidence based, integrative therapeutic approach that was developed to help deal with traumatic events or PTSD. It has been used to help with a variety of anxiety-based issues, such as performance anxiety, chronic pain, addictions, panic attacks, grief and loss, and stress reduction. It involves a standard 8 step protocol that combines elements of several psychotherapeutic approaches. For more information, please visit: www.emdria.org